21 Jul 2017
Friday, July 21, 2017

Enterprise Week

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This week we held a whole school Enterprise Week. The aims of the project were to develop our children’s knowledge and understanding of how money is spent in designing and making products and primarily how they can contribute to a range of activities that help them to become more enterprising. In preparation for the week, each class was allocated a budget of £20.00 with a remit of designing, advertising and making a product that could be marketed for sale to members of the school community. Each class was challenged to try to make a profit on their original £20.00 budget. The children drew upon the information that they learnt during the week to support them in designing, advertising and making their own products in order to support their own enterprise work. The week culminated with an Enterprise Fair which took place on Thursday 6th July. During the afternoon the children were able to showcase their work to the school community and had the opportunity to sell the products that they had created. It was a fantastic afternoon and we were overwhelmed by the support that we received from the local community. We made an incredible £383 profit during the single hour of the fair on the various goods that they made and sold! Each class will decide how they would like to spend the money they made. Well done to Grasshopper Class who raised the most money and won the Enterprise Trophy!

Enterprise Week

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