It is important that children are in school and on time every day.  At Rosherville we expect all children to attend school every day and to try keep their absences to a minimum.  We aim for attendance overall to be at least 96% in the school, which is in line with government expectations. A child will fall below the 96% expected level if they have 10 days absence in one year.

Attendance is promoted in school with figures published daily to staff and staff will follow up any child whose attendance concerns them. There are weekly ‘Attendance’ certificates for classes in Key Stages 1 and 2 and these are presented in assembly in order to celebrate with fellow pupils and staff. There are also prizes for individual children with good attendance throughout the year and weekly school attendance figures are published on newsletters as well as the classes which attain the highest attendance.

Children who are absent need to contact the school with specific reasons and the school will, in the first instance call parents early in the morning, to ascertain the reasons for absenteeism. Persistent absentees are followed up by the Family Liaison Officer with letters, meetings with parents, penalty notices and finally the involvement of an Education Welfare Officer.

The children are expected to be in the playground before the bell goes at 8.45am. The gate will remain open until 8.50am after which children will need to enter through the Reception area. Registration is from 8.45am – 8.55am any child arriving after this time will be marked as late. Any child arriving after 9.15am can be marked as having an unauthorised absence unless there is an exceptional reason for lateness. Persistent lateness will be referred to the Educational Welfare Officer and a Penalty Notice will be issued.

Attendance Policy
Attendance Policy 2017-2018

Attendance Leaflet