After School Clubs

Staff aim to provide a wide range of after school clubs for all ages across the school.   A letter is sent home to parents at the start of the Autumn, Spring and Summer sessions and children can choose which clubs they would like to attend.   Clubs will usually start the second week into a term and finish approximately two weeks before the end of each term.   All clubs are provided free of charge.
All after school clubs finish at 4.00pm each afternoon. Children should be picked up at this time. If you are unable to collect your child please make other arrangements so that your child is collected on time by a known adult.

Please check with the office about available spaces in any clubs. Due to high demand it is often the case that these clubs get filled quickly.

Autumn Term 2017 – letters coming home today Wednesday 13 September 2017






Homework Club (Bumblebee and Ladybird classes) Tag Rugby Club

Years 5 and 6

 Story Telling Club

Years 1 and 2

 Bible Club Years 1 – Year 6  No clubs
 Homework Club (All KS2 classes)  Recorder Club

Grasshopper and Scorpion classes


Years 2 – Year 6

 Winter Sports Club

Year 5 and

Year 6

 British Values Debate club

Years 1 – Year 6

 Speed Stacking Club

Years 1 – Year 6