Curriculum Information

 Foundation Stage

Children entering school at the age of 4-5 work towards the Early Learning Goals for the Foundation Stage. These are:

Prime Areas:

  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development
  • Physical Development
  • Communication and Language

Specific Areas:

  • Literacy
  • Mathematics
  • Understanding the World
  • Expressive Arts and Design

With the Foundation Stage, there is a big emphasis on ‘play and communication’ and learning through first hand experiences.

The children work in a variety of adult led and independent groups. They move freely between the classroom and the outside areas to support their learning.

Phonics and Reading

At Rosherville we follow the Read, Write, Ink programme for daily phonics teaching which continues into Year 1 and Year 2.  This is supported by a range of reading books from several sources including the Oxford Reading Tree and Big Cat schemes to ensure that the children have daily practice and develop their reading skills.  The school encourages a home/school reading partnership with parents who are expected to listen to, and share books, with their children regularly.

The National Curriculum

The curriculum for children in years 1-6 includes all the national curriculum areas of learning. The subjects include a core curriculum of English, mathematics and science and a foundation curriculum of art and design, design and technology, computing, geography, history, music, MFL, physical education and religious education.  The new Primary National Curriculum was introduced in September 2014.

In September 2015 the school introduced a 2 year programme of Topic Based themes which will cover all the requirements of the National Curriculum for 2014 in a cross curricular way. At Primary level we are skilled in cross-curricular teaching where the boundaries between subjects are not always strongly defined, which is a strength.   This approach helps children to relate their learning to the real world in a meaningful way and become really involved in the learning process,  gives them permission and opportunities to explore the questions they ask about it,  and instill a love of learning.

 Sex Education

The sex education programme forms an integral part of a Health Education Programme throughout the school, as well as part of the Science Programme of Study from the National Curriculum.  Information is sent to parents prior to the programme being taught. If you wish, you may withdraw your child from lessons dealing with sex education.

 Special Educational Needs

The learning and social behaviour of all children is carefully monitored throughout their time at Rosherville.  If further support is needed then a range of outside agencies such as the school nurse or educational psychologist may be involved.

A rigorous programme of assessment is used to quickly identify any child who does not make the expected academic progress and support is put into place to ensure that their needs are identified and appropriate support is provided.  We aim to work in close cooperation with parents to ensure that any programme implemented in school is also supported at home.

Rosherville Primary Academy follows the DFES Code of Practice on Special Educational Needs (SEN); a detailed policy is available on request.  Please refer to the school’s SEND Provision Report on the website under ‘Choose Us’.

Gifted and Talented

The school acknowledges that some children may require more challenge to achieve their potential.  Children whose ability or talent in any area is significantly above age related expectations are identified by teaching staff based on assessment and levels of skills.  A register is created and reviewed regularly and actions are identified to ensure that the gifts and talents of these children are being developed well.

Modern Foreign Languages

Children in years 3/4/5/6 are taught French. The children are taught in an interactive way using speaking and listening as the main way of learning the language.

 Educational Visits

Regular visits to a range of venues are planned to support your child’s learning.  These are linked to the topic area they are covering in school and used to extend their learning beyond the school.  We also aim to invite a variety of speakers into school to enhance the learning of particular subject areas. Where these visits go beyond the local environment and involve travel and admission fees, parents are invited to make a voluntary contribution to cover the cost of the visit. The same would apply to visits to the school by theatre companies, or other speakers.

We reserve the right to cancel plans for these activities where there are insufficient parental contributions.


Music is an important part of the school curriculum. This year we are teaching recorders to some of the children funded through the Local Authority Music Service.  The children also sing daily in Collective Worship and music lessons are taught across the school..

Physical Education

Teaching is in line with the requirements of the National Curriculum.   Outdoor PE is taught by specialise sports’ coaches and Y3/4/5 attend weekly swimming lessons in the Spring Term.


At Rosherville the new Computing curriculum 2014 is taught across the school by the class teacher using the Rising Star teaching guides.

The general use of ICT throughout the school is to enhance the children’s learning by giving them the opportunity to broaden their knowledge, understanding and awareness of the world around them.

Children have access to a variety of technology to enable them to explore their world in school. These include a computer suite, laptops within their classrooms and I Pads.

Internet access is closely monitored and children are taught about ‘safe surfing’. Children are encouraged to question the accuracy of information found on the web.

There are many educational software programmes installed on all our computers that are used across the curriculum which allows the children to present their work in many different ways.

We use I Pads to research topics, photograph our work and record ourselves presenting or taking part in activities. All classes have access to I Pads and the children enjoy the opportunity to celebrate their achievements by sharing their work on the TVs in their classrooms.

As new technology is becoming available we will strive to continue to give all children every opportunity to use these tools to enhance their skills and understanding of the world they live in.

Parent Information

We will shortly be providing curriculum maps for each year group to inform parents of the learning that will take place for their children.    If parents wish to understand more about what their children are learning they are encouraged to speak to the teacher.


Curriculum Plans

YR Butterflies Long Term Plan

Y1 Bumblebees Long Term Plan

Y2 Ladybirds Long Term Plan

Y3-4 Dragonfly Long Term Plan

Y4-5 Grasshoppers Long Term Plan

Y6 Scorpion- Long Term Plan