SEND Provision

SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disabilities)

The needs of our pupils at Rosherville C of E Primary Academy are of the utmost importance. Pupils with SEND  are quickly identified and their needs catered for on an individual basis. Teaching throughout the school is differentiated to meet the needs of all and our high percentage of adult to child ratio means an abundance of high quality support is available.

This year the programme for individual support has been reviewed and renewed.  A range of high quality resources and staff training has been put into place to ensure an ongoing programme of effective intervention is being implemented and good progress is being made.

Pupils may be supported by additional specific activities within a classroom situation and directed by the class teacher. Some pupils may participate in a “catch up” programme out of class, if they have specific needs in literacy or numeracy. Additional support and advice is sought from a range of other agencies according to the needs of individual pupils. Pupils who are identified with a high level of needs have an Educational Health & Care Plan drawn up by the Local Authority and a specific plan is put into place to ensure their needs are met effectively.

Please also refer to the document for SEND Provision at Rosherville.

The SEND Local Offer


SEND Information Report 2016-2017