House Groups

At Rosherville every child is part of a House Group and can earn points through good work, good ideas, kind deeds and other positive acts.   The house points for each group are collected by the Year 6 House Captains every Friday and the total of each group’s points are announced at Friday’s Celebration Assembly.   The House Group with the most points earned at the end of each term are awarded by having a non-uniform day the first Friday back in the new term.   The children feel a real sense of success when they earn house points and clearly enjoy being part of a whole school group.

Year 6 House Captains are:-

Red House Group –      Captain: Mankaren          Vice Captain: Aliesha H.

Blue House Group –     Captain: Calum                 Vice Captain: Trent

Green House Group –  Captain: Melissa               Vice Captain: Liam

Yellow House Group – Captain: Neda                   Vice Captain: Bahar