At Rosherville Church of England Primary Academy we have a Raising Achievement Board that works closely with the Rochester Diocesan Academies Trust to ensure a clear focus for the rapid improvement needed at the school.  Their role is to ensure that the governance of the school supports the primary purpose of improving the quality of educational provision for the children of Rosherville.   They  support and challenge the Headteacher,  help set the vision and strategic direction of the school, and ensure that our school is the very best it could be.

The Raising Achievement Board has a wide range of responsibilities.  These include tasks such as:

  • Ensuring that the school meets its legal responsibilities
  • Setting the school budget
  • Making decisions about the school building and premises
  • Setting school policies
  • Appointing staff and making decisions about current staffing
  • Looking at how well groups of pupils are performing and ensuring action is taken if there are any concerns

We have six  meetings each year.   During these meetings we look at a wide range of information to find out how well the school is performing.  The headteacher provides a detailed  report at these meetings but we also look at data and independent reports so that we can make our own decisions about how well things are going.

To support the work that goes on, the Board also try to visit school as often as possible. We particularly enjoy talking to the children about their school and what they think about it. They are always keen to share their ideas.     They are also welcome to participate in school events and activities.

We are proud to have a committed RAB that is made up of a team individuals with a wide range of backgrounds and experiences.

If you wish to contact the Chair of the Board please email or write to the school office and it will be passed on promptly.

Our Raising Achievement Board members are as follows:-

Name Type Position Start Date End Date
Mrs Justine Roddan In Attendance Head of School 01.09.17
Alex Tear In Attendance Diocesan Director of Education 01.11.09 31.10.17
David Bridger RAB Board member 02.05.16 01.05.20
Mrs Clare Espline RAB Board member  04.02.16  03.02.20
Mrs Jean Craig RAB Chair of Board 02.03.15 01.03.19
Mrs Ann-Marie Jeffreys  RAB  Board member  01.09.16  31.08.20
Miss Grace Badman In Attendance Deputy Head 01.11.14 31.08.18
Mrs Sue Tunnicliffe  RAB  Board Member  24.01.17  23.01.21
Mrs Lisa Marais RAB Board member 03.09.15 02.09.19
Mrs Patricia Sanford Clerk Clerk 01.01.14

Governor Business Interests 2016-17