Achievements – Week ending Friday 5th March 2021

We hold a weekly Celebration Assembly. Children are regularly awarded for a range of achievements including:

  • Daily: Christian value stickers; House points and Head Teacher award stickers
  • Weekly: Golden awards; Pen license awards; Times table awards; Christian Value awards; Buster’s Book Club trophy; Attendance prize draw; Class prizes and Attendance Ted
  • Termly: 100% attendance bronze, silver and gold badges; 100% attendance prizes; House team trophy winners—wear their own clothes to school and Buster’s Book Club prizes
  • Yearly: Awards ceremony at the end of the year—different awards to win with a prize and 100% attendance awards and prizes

The names of children gaining Golden Awards and Christian Value Awards are posted below each week.

Golden Awards 

Butterflies – Yuvraj – for having a positive attitude towards his learning.

Bumblebees- Bumblebee Class- for working so hard during lockdown and never giving up.

Ladybirds – Havana – For producing an amazing underwater scene.

Dragonflies – Mujtaba for being globally responsible and learning how we can protect our beaches. He created a fantastic poem.

Grasshoppers – Ezzra – For working so hard throughout remote learning and producing some brilliant work.

Scorpions – Joshan for writing a fantastic persuasive letter.

Hub – Nathan C for excellent writing this week .

Christian Value Awards

Butterflies –Michelle – Wisdom – For working hard this week on Google Classroom.

Bumblebees- Ellie-May- Wisdom- for excellent work, this week and participating more in live lessons

Ladybirds – Ladybird Class – Courage – For being amazing throughout our home learning journey together and never giving up.

Dragonflies – Mohsin – Wisdom- For using his initiative and wisdom to create his own story after being inspired by Tom Fletcher’s masterclass.

Grasshoppers – Abu – Wisdom – for taking on board and responding to all feedback that has been given to him on Google Classroom.

Scorpions – Sahib – Wisdom – for always working so hard online.

Hub – Teddy – Wisdom – for listening carefully and following instructions