Achievements – Week ending Friday 17th September 2021

We hold a weekly Celebration Assembly. Children are regularly awarded for a range of achievements including:

  • Daily: Christian value stickers; House points and Head Teacher award stickers
  • Weekly: Golden awards; Pen license awards; Times table awards; Christian Value awards; Buster’s Book Club trophy; Attendance prize draw; Class prizes and Attendance Ted
  • Termly: 100% attendance bronze, silver and gold badges; 100% attendance prizes; House team trophy winners—wear their own clothes to school and Buster’s Book Club prizes
  • Yearly: Awards ceremony at the end of the year—different awards to win with a prize and 100% attendance awards and prizes

The names of children gaining Golden Awards and Christian Value Awards are posted below each week.

Golden Awards 

Murphy – Zara for excellent maths work on place value.

Donaldson – Conor for excellent behavior.

Dahl – Sheryl for an excellent attitude to her learning.

Rauf – Mohsin for producing an amazing fact card for our Exploration display.

Shakespeare – Shawn for great addition and subtraction word problem work involving numbers to ten million.


Christian Value Awards


Murphy – Amari for Fellowship for always being kind to his classmates.

Donaldson –Isabelle for Wisdom

Dahl –. Meena for Compassion for always making sure everyone in her class is OK.

Rauf – Samuel for Wisdom for showing excellent knowledge about our topic of Ancient Egypt.

Shakespeare – Charlie for Wisdom for excellent vocabulary knowledge whilst writing his  iceberg free verse poem.