After School Clubs

We run free after school clubs every term from 3.15 4.00 p.m. Monday to Thursday (there are no after school clubs on Fridays). Our clubs are led by Rosherville teachers and teaching assistants, including our PE teacher from St Georges, Mr Cunningham.


  • Multi-Skills Club (Yrs 1 to 3)  Mr Farnell
  • Wildlife Club (Yrs 3 to 6) Miss Sargeant


  • Once Upon a Time (Yrs 1 to 3) Mrs McCormick
  • Chess Club (Yrs 3 to 6) Mrs Burrha


  • Sports Club (Yrs 3 to 6) Mr Cunningham
  • Choir (Yrs 3 to 6) Choir Mrs Carter and Miss Horrobin


  • Science Club (Yrs 1 to 3) Miss Russell
  • Art Club (Yrs 1 to 3) Miss Sadi

At the beginning of terms 1, 3 and 5 (or at the end of the preceding term) we send letters home so children are able to select which clubs they would like to attend. For your child to attend any of the clubs we ask you to complete the slip attached to the letter and return it to the school office. Attendance at clubs is closely monitored. If your child gains a place in a club they should be able to attend every week. If persistent absences are noticed, your child may lose their place in their club and their place will be reallocated to a child on the waiting list.