School Council, Eco Warriors, Play Leaders & Worship Leaders

How do we teach children about what a school council is?

Our School Council elections are an important annual event at Rosherville and there is always a real sense of excitement around them in term 1. We believe that it is important to prepare and support children children for voting so that they can choose pupils on merit. At the beginning of the school year in our PSHE lessons we teach children from Year 1 to Year 6:

  • What our school council is and why it is important
  • What it means to be a representative for their class and school
  • What a sub committee is
  • What an election is
  • What skills you need to be an effective member of the school council
  • What jobs you might be asked to do if you are a member of the school council
  • What skills and attributes you need to be an effective member of the school council
  • Why you would nominate somebody to run in the school council elections
  • How they can write their manifestoes
  • What nomination forms and ballot papers are  
  • When and where voting will take place  
  • How we will ensure no cheating takes place  
  • How and when the votes will be counted  
  • When and where the results will be announced  

Nominations and Campaign Week 

Once the children have been taught all of this information they nominate one child in their class who they believe would represent their constituency well. Once the votes are counted the female and male candidates that are running for election are announced. The candidates have one week to prepare their manifestos. They are asked to prepare a short speech to present to their class with the promises they would make if they were elected. The candidates will have a week to put up posters around the classroom and speak to members of their constituency to try and persuade them to vote for them. 

Polling Day 

On the morning of the elections each candidate presents their manifesto to the class to help the voters make their decision about who they would like to vote for. Shortly after the polling station is opened and each child will be able to vote for their female and male representative by completing a ballot paper. 

The children enter the polling station to cast their voteVoting must be done in secret and they should not share who they have voted for. All children post their ballot paper into the ballot box and then the votes are counted at the end of polling day.

We then have a special elections assembly where we reveal the results of the vote and the children find out who their new school council, eco cadet, worship council and play leader representatives are. It is a very exciting day.

This years winners are:

School Council Representatives  Worship Leader Representatives  Play Leader Representatives Eco Warrior Representatives
Bumlebees – Demi & Damian

Ladybirds – Eshaal & Jay

Dragonflies – Dolly & Archie

Grasshoppers – Preya & Nathan

Scorpions – Erica Leigh & Cian

Link Teacher: Mrs Sneade

Bumlebees – Cassidy

Ladybirds – Sasa

Dragonflies – Ava

Grasshoppers – Macie

Scorpions – Arham

Link Teacher: Mrs Carter


Bumlebees – Ben

Ladybirds – Henris

Dragonflies – Daniel

Grasshoppers – Shawn & Ryan

Scorpions – Cailen

Link Teacher: Mr Farnell


Bumlebees – Charlie

Ladybirds – Lily

Dragonflies – Rida

Grasshoppers – Jaycie

Scorpions – Jessica

Link Teacher: Miss Horrobin


We believe it is important that all members of the school council, including sub committee members receive training so that they are able to carry out their role to the best of their ability. In term 2 all members of the school council receive training in weekly meetings. Training includes:  

  • School council roles  (Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer and Vice Chairperson)
  • Communication  
  • Reporting back to the class  
  • Writing an agenda  
  • Taking and keeping minutes   

School Council, Eco Warrior, Play Leader and Worship Leaders Meetings 

School council, eco warrior, play leader and worship leaders meet every 2 weeks on a Thursday afternoon, after lunch with their lead adult so that a pattern is established. During the meeting the Chairperson will distribute an agenda with the the outline for the meeting and the Secretary for each committee takes minutes and these are published. To begin with the meetings are led by the link teacher but after a short time as the children gain experience the meetings are led by a pupil (the chair) and supported by the teacher and finally meetings will be led by the chair with the teacher sitting as an observer.

Class Council Meetings 

After the school council meetings the representatives go back to class and at hold a class council meeting with their class. This is where they feedback what has been spoken about in their meetings, what actions have been taken, plans that have been made and they also identify issues and listen to their classmates ideas to take to the next school council meeting. As well as this, the Chairperson and Secretary from each committee meets with their link teacher to pass on ideas and issues which they use to set the agenda for the next meeting.


Each committee has its own budget which the Treasurer will be in charge of. The Treasurer will report to the school council committee once a term to update them on their current funds. The Link Governor will audit the school council’s account and the end of every big term.


Unfortunately, due to Covid 19 we have been unable to meet since half way through term 2, as soon as we return to school we will continue our training again, whether they be face to face or online. We want to raise and maintain the profile of the school council, eco warriors, play leader and worship leaders and ensure that the school council and the other sub committees achieve what it sets out to do and has a positive impact on the children at Rosherville















School Council pre election lessons


Representative training agenda term 1


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