Year 3/4: Dragonflies

Welcome to Dragonfly Class

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Mrs Sneade                               Mrs Carter                                    Mr White

Miss Sargeant

What are we learning about this term?

As we continue with our online learning journey this term we want to engage the children in their learning as much as we can so the children have helped us with our topic planning. We asked the children last term what they would like to learn about and they came up with some excellent learning opportunities including space, animals around the world, countries, the ocean and the weather.

We will start term 4 by learning about space for the first 3 weeks, in particular we will be learning about the history of space travel and the moon landing. To see all of the skills and knowledge that we will be learning in our space topic and what key vocabulary we will be using and learning please download our space knowledge organiser. You can also download our weekly timetable to see exactly what the children will be learning about each week, which will also include our Maths, RE, Science, PE and PSHE lessons.

Online Learning 

We will continue our daily live sessions on Google Meet this term which will be at the same time every day:

9.00am-9.20am: Live drop in session – If you have any questions about the work that has been set, need any help with corrections from the previous days work or would just like to chat to us.

9.45am-10.30am: Live lesson – We encourage all children to join the daily live lesson where they can see their teacher and classmates and participate in the interactive lesson. We will record this lesson every day and post it on the stream for any children that are unable to attend.

1.30pm-1.50pm: Live drop in session – You may be asked to attend this session if you need help with misconceptions from work posted in the day or if you have any questions about the work that has been set.

Google Classroom stream – We will post a daily timetable which gives an overview of the day’s learning. The live sessions will be at the same time every day but the rest of the work can be completed in any order or time that suits your family. This is also a place for you to ask any questions or to talk to your classmates.

Google Classroom Classwork – Daily work will be set here for you and where possible we will record all lessons to try and replicate the classroom environment for the children as best we can. All work should be posted in classwork so this can be marked and returned for you to look at your feedback and respond to any next steps.

Support – If you need any support please just send us a message on Seesaw or Google Classroom and we can call you to help in whatever way we can.

Printed work – If you would like to collect paper copies of all the work set each week please go to the School Office after 10.30am on a Monday morning and you will be able to collect a pack for the week that the children can complete. Please just make sure that you take photos of your completed work and upload these to Google Classroom.

IT Issues – If you are having any problems with logging on to Google Classroom then please contact our IT department who will be able to help you. There are lots of different ways that you can contact them:

Live Chat –

Facebook Messenger –

Twitter – @aaat_itsupport

Email –



Dragonfly Class Online Learning Website Links 

All of your log in details for these websites are in the front page of your yellow reading book. If you need any of your login details please just ask and we can send these over to you.

Google Classroom

Sir Linkalot – Learn to spell those tricky words

Spelling Shed – Practice your weekly spelling words

Accelerated Reader – Take a quiz on a book that you have read

Epic – Read some free online books and then take a quiz on Epic or on AR

Times Table Rock Stars – Practice your times tables

My Maths – Complete maths activities that have been set for you

Term 4

Space Knowledge Organiser


Google Classroom Guide


Space Online Learning 2 week plan