The eleven subjects of the National Curriculum (2014) are taught and studied through Years 1 to 6. These are:

English, Maths, Science, Computing, Languages (MFL), History, Geography, Music. P.E., Art and Design and Design and Technology.

Although Religious Education is not included amongst them, as a Church School we regard and treat it as a core subject. Subjects may be taught individually, whilst at times they are grouped together as part of a topic. For detailed information on each one and it’s place in the curriculum at Rosherville please click on the relevant subject in the menu on the left.

Full details of the current primary school curriculum are available from the following link: Primary School National Curriculum for England 

Topic Based Curriculum

In order to make learning relevant and ensure children can connect what knowledge and skills they learn across subjects, we plan our learning through ‘Topics’. The National Curriculum programmes of study for each subject are brought together under one ‘Topic’ heading which brings a focus for the whole term (approximately 6 weeks) of study. With a topic-based approach, staff can plan in a more creative and imaginative way to promote learning.

As the school has two mixed classes, these classes work on a 2-year cycle of topics which allows the children to cover all necessary skills and objectives over the two years they are in each phase. In this section of our web site you will find the yearly topic overviews for each class, termly topic plans for each term and each cycle and the skills and knowledge that will be taught in each year group for all subjects.