Technology is changing the lives of everyone. Through teaching computing we aim to equip our children to participate in a rapidly changing world where technology is used frequently in every day life.

It is our intention to enable children to find, explore, analyse, exchange and present information. We also focus on developing the skills necessary for children to be able to use information in an effective way. Children will learn how to keep themselves safe on the internet and behave in a safe and respectable way.

Computing skills are a major factor in enabling children to be confident, creative and independent learners and it is our intention that children have every opportunity available to allow them to achieve this. 

The national curriculum for computing aims to ensure that all pupils:

  • can understand and apply the fundamental principles and concepts of computer science, including abstraction, logic, algorithms and data representation
  • can analyse problems in computational terms, and have repeated practical experience of writing computer programs in order to solve such problems
  • can evaluate and apply information technology, including new or unfamiliar technologies, analytically to solve problems
  • are responsible, competent, confident and creative users of information and communication technology


We recently took part in Safer Internet Day. We learnt a number of different ways to stay safe. We took all of our key information and converted this into an eye-catching poster about staying safe. A selection of these are attached below:

We aim to enrich children in technology to support their learning. We use software such as Ed Shed for English, Times Table Rockstars for Maths and have introduced the children to Epic books which gives them access to a large selection of books all at the touch of a button. Children will also use technology to facilitate their learning through teaching the skills of research, presenting data, coding, recording sounds and movements, editing pictures and understanding how technology has developed through the years allowing them to access devices from the past.


We are currently in the process of implementing a new scheme for computing, Teach Computing. This will be started in specific classes from Term 6 and will be rolled out across the school from September.




Computing Skills Overview

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Progression Document

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