At Rosherville, we believe that reading is at the centre of learning. We strive for children to learn to love books through daily storytelling sessions.
Children are encouraged to read a wide variety of genres. They have access to this through a well-resourced and modern reading scheme which they read at home with parents and also in school with staff and trained reading volunteers.

We intend that our pupils will be independent and reflective readers who can read fluently and with meaning. We aim that children use a variety of reading skills to enable them to access all other areas of learning.

As children’s reading develops at different rates, teaching is tailored to each child and their ability. Children will read daily in classroom, either in shared reading, one to one reading or guided reading groups. Children are encouraged to read a range of books in school and at home and communication between staff and parents is encouraged.


It is our vision that every child will learn to write by being given real and exciting materials and opportunities. We will share excellent writing to inspire children to emulate styles. We encourage children to read their work for enjoyment, to read it aloud to others and provide audiences for writing. We want children to have an understanding that writing has a real purpose and that word choice and style can bring about change.

Reading Progression

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Writing Progression

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