At Rosherville Church Of England Primary Academy we can make provision for every kind of frequently occurring special educational need without a statement of special educational needs / Education, Health and Care Plan, for instance dyslexia, dyspraxia, speech and language needs, ASD, learning difficulties and behaviour difficulties.

We monitor the progress of all pupils six times a year to review their academic progress. We also use a range of assessments with all the pupils at various points e.g. Year 1 phonics screening, speech link, language link, spelling age, reading age and BEAM. Where progress is not sufficient, even if a special educational need has not been identified, we put in place extra support to enable the pupil to catch up.

Some pupils may continue to make inadequate progress, despite high-quality teaching with targeted interventions addressing their areas of weakness. For these pupils, and in consultation with parents, we will use a range assessment tools to determine the cause of the learning difficulty. A variety of strategies may be used including:

In class support

  • quality first teaching
  • full time teaching assistants in every class
  • 1-1 assistants for children with education health plans

Classroom Support

  • quiet/sensory areas
  • specialist equipment
  • visual timetables
  • task boards


  • talking partners at primary
  • precision teaching
  • 1-1 reading
  • daily boosters
  • BEAM
  • speech and language support
  • Fizzy Fingers
  • Lego therapy

SEND Policy